Canary - Know when your devices are under attack

The FDA requires medical devices to have "features that alert users in the event of a breach". Canary allows you to monitor your devices’ behavior in the field and detect security events, alerting you (not your customer) to abnormal behavior.

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Detect incidents
as they happen

Canary captures data describing medical device behavior in near real-time, and alerts you if your device is behaving abnormally. This allows you to respond to incidents proactively, instead of waiting for a call from a customer or regulator.

Canary Brochure

Forensically determine if a vulnerability has been exploited

Every software stack can be affected by vulnerabilities from time to time. Canary allows you to assess the behavior of affected devices, to determine if a vulnerability is being exploited by an attacker.

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Canary Key Features

Designed to meet the FDA cybersecurity guidance

Forensically-sound evidence capture

Granular event data creates a record of device behavior, used in real-time or in the future.


Receive alerts if your devices appear to be under attack , allowing you to intervene before patients are impacted.

Improved Incident

Records of device behavior allow you to determine if a vulnerability has (or has not) been exploited in your device.


Security event metadata includes no PHI, and devices can report event data without needing inbound access from the internet.

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The MedCrypt Platform

Secure Data & Commands

Call MedCrypt’s APIs within your device’s software for common security functions and cryptographically signing all instructions sent to your device with unique key pairs.

Monitor Behavior

MedCrypt-enabled devices can send event data (not PHI) to our monitoring service, allowing us to detect when a device is under attack.

Monitor SBOMs for Vulnerabilities

MedCrypt knows which software libraries have been included in your device, and can monitor these libraries for known cybersecurity vulnerabilities long after it has been released.

We live and breathe healthcare cybersecurity

A medical device may look like just another IoT device, but regulatory constraints and their unique use case require a healthcare-first approach to cybersecurity. MedCrypt's solutions are built specifically for medical devices, which means clinical functionality, patient safety, and care delivery are always the highest priority.